We are still in need of a great deal of volunteer help at the fest. PLEASE STEP UP and help make our fest great! We really need every person in the community to help in some way at this great event. Here are the biggest areas of need along with the point person to contact if you can help! 
Kids Games - Ashley Meyer - 812-630-4342 - (This is a great opportunity for the youth to help.)
240 Wheel - Larry Schepers 812-678-4807 - (Must be at least 18 years of age to help.)
Hamburger Stand - Charlie Glendenning - 812-389-2825
Dinner Stand - Allen Thewes - 812-630-8890

Setup Work Sessions - Work sessions at 6pm on Wed, June 26; Thurs, June 27; and any remaining preparations on Fri, June 28. Volunteers of all ages are welcome and encouraged to help. We will need a big crew to set up all of the stands, tables, fence, stage, tents, parking, signage, etc. Food and drinks will be provided.

Items We Need:
Pop Up Tents - We need a number of tents of all sizes - Contact Tony Buechler 812-827-8430

Big Electric Fans - We would like to borrow as many big fans as possible for under the tents - Contact Tony Buechler

ATVs - We need a few ATVs for use during the fest to move people and materials around - Contact Tony Buechler

2019 finds Celestine Streetfest pivoting from the community building a party, to a party building a community through bringing people to work and play together, while also raising funds for the community! We want to make a profit, we want to have a lot of community fun, and we want to develop leaders and workers for various groups of the community. Streetfest is an important event for developing pride and unity in the community. We NEED EVERYONE to be involved and feel like they have partial ownership in the event.

Profits from Streetfest 2019 will be granted out to Community of Celestine Inc, Celestine Community Club, Celestine Park, Good Shepherd of the Hills Knights of Columbus Council, Celestine Volunteer Fire Department, Celestine Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and St. Isidore Parish.