Celestine Streetfest and Celestine 175 merchandise is available annually at our fest and other events.

It’s not too late to get your Celestine 175 merchandise!  We have LIMITED QUANTITIES of the following items:


175 Tshirts (Youth Med, Adult XXL, XXXL only)                 $10

Men’s Polo (M & L only)                                                            $22

Women’s Polo                                                                               $22

¼ Zip Pullover Shirts                                                                  $30

Hooded Sweatshirts (XXL and XXXL only)                          $25

Crewneck Sweatshirts (Youth M & L, Adult L – XXXL)     $15

Suspenders (Youth only - up to 5 years)                               $12

Vest (M, XL, XXL only)                                                              $20


Visors                                                                                             $10

Meshback Caps                                                                           $10

Men’s & Women’s Baseball Caps                                           $15

Ear Warmers                                                                                $6


Shot Glass                                                                                    $5         

Bourbon Glasses                                                                       $10

Stemless Wine Glasses                                                            $10

Water Bottles (Red, Clear, Blue, Charcoal)                        $12

Polar Cups (Black & 1 Silver)                                                  $28

Spill Resistant Lids for Polar Cups                                       $2


Playing Cards                                                                             $6

Ornaments (Acrylic, Logo, School, Firehouse styles)    $6 each or 4 for $20

Postcards                                                                                    $.50

Envelopes                                                                                   $1

Cane (last one!)                                                                        $18

Small 30” Bunting –  will continue to use for future Streetfests   $25

To purchase, please call or text Lacey (812.639.1443) or Kelly (812.639.7630).  These items make great souvenirs to remember this very special time in Celestine history by and can be passed on from generation to generation.  Call today as quantities are limited!

History Book Pre-Orders: Celestine 1993 (First 150 Years), Celestine 2018 (Past 25 Years) or a bundle of both books & Beyond the Calendar a collection of Photos, Perpetual Calendar and Recipes can be ordered by completing the order form available at celestineindina.com and sending St. Isidore Parish Office. Please note there will only be 700 copies of Beyond the Calendar available.


Thanks to all who have ordered the Celestine History Books and Perpetual Calendar/Photo Books. Thanks to everyone who was able to pick up pre-ordered/pre-paid books at the fest. Remaining orders, as well as additional copies, will be available in the parish office during regular office hours. 812-634-1875 or by emailing stisidore@evdio.org

Beyond the Calendar The 170 page perpetual calendar with photos of the Celestine area and events along with recipes is available for $15.

The "new" Celestine: 2018,  the 175th History Book, is also available for $25. It gives the history of events and activities in the community over the past 25 years and serves as an addendum to the 150th History book Celestine: 1993 (which is still available for $15 or a bundle of both books for $35).




Below is a list of the Merchandise available for Celestine 175. Please note some items are only available until they sell out so please get yours today by contacting us or visiting Joan Steffe