Celestine Streetfest and Celestine 175 merchandise is available annually at our fest and other events.

Some items are available for purchase at Happy Hour Sports Bar & Grill if you ask at the bar or drop us an email at info@celestineindiana.com if you want to place an order.

You can buy in person at Bohnert Advertising Specialties through Joan Steffe - Phone: (812) 482-6051 - Address: 6517 IN-164, Celestine, IN 47521

Click HERE to download the April 2018 merchandise flyer.

175 Merchandise: In-stock merchandise include canes (NEW item), license plates, glassware, apparel, hats, Christmas ornaments and more!  Now also accepting pre-orders for women’s tank tops in classic or racerback style (NEW item). Please contact Joan Steffe at 812.482.6051 to order / pick-up.

Vests & Suspenders - Orders are in and will be brought to the next Brothers of the Brush Meeting. To pick up prior to the meeting contact Joan Steffe 812-482-6051 There is a limited supply of suspenders for sale and orders are still being taken for vests. Suspenders are $12 and vests are $15 each.


Tank Tops: Classic and Racer style tank tops now available!  $12 each.  Place your order today by calling Joan Steffe at 812.482.6051. 

Centennial Vest & Suspender Pre-orders: Please contact Joan Steffe at 812.482.6051 to place an order.

Bunting & Bow Pre-Orders: The last order for bunting and bows will be placed on April 23rd.  Please contact Renee Merkel at 812.661.0204 or 2467merkeren@gmail.com to place an order before that deadline.

History Book Pre-Orders: Celestine 1993 (First 150 Years), Celestine 2018 (Past 25 Years) or a bundle of both books & Beyond the Calendar a collection of Photos, Perpetual Calendar and Recipes can be ordered by completing the order form available at celestineindina.com and sending St. Isidore Parish Office. Please note there will only be 700 copies of Beyond the Calendar available.

175 Official Logo Wooden Outdoor Stencil Pre-Orders: Size is customizable for your space.  Contact Derrick Schaefer at 812.549.7768 for size and pricing.

Pictures and pricing of all items available at www.celestineindiana.com/merchandise. NOTE: Pictures of new items will be posted when available.


Beyond the Calendar The 170 page perpetual calendar with photos of the Celestine area and events along with recipes has been taken to the publisher.  Only 700 copies are being printed.  There will not be a second printing!  Get your pre-order in today.  

The Celestine: 2018  the 175th History Book is also available for pre-order. It will give a history of events and activities in the community over the past 25 years and serves as an addendum to the 150th History book (which is still available for order also).

Order forms are available by clicking HERE.



Pre-orders are being accepted for bows and bunting.

Please contact Renee Merkel at 812.661.0204 or email 2467merkeren@gmail.com to place your order. 

The plan is for these items to go up around the community in April.

House pictures below feature small half round bunting.

The color scheme of the 175th is muted red, white & blue. These items will work as decorations for years to come around the 4th of July holiday.

Bow - $10.25

Large Half-Round Bunting - 60 1/2" x 31 1/4" - $40

Small Half-Round Bunting - 30" x 17" - $25



Get your Celestine Christmas Ornaments now! They make great gifts and are available for purchase by calling Joan Steffe at 812-482-6051 - $6 each or all 4 wooden ones for $20. 



Below is a list of the Merchandise available for Celestine 175. Please note some items are only available until they sell out so please get yours today by contacting us or visiting Joan Steffe