Celestine 175th's twenty visitors from the Wagshurst area of Germany are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

Host family assignments have been made.  The host families and their guests are: Fr. John Boeglin—Werner Stueber; Edwin & Judy Betz—Jutta Lippert & Gabriele Schindler; Jeremy, Teresa, Peyton, and Zachary Betz—Thomas Mußler & Nico Schuett; Clara Fromme—Bernhard Danner & his wife Daniela Danner; Charlie & Rose Ann Glendening—Anton Huber & his son David Huber; Bill, Angie, & Celeste Hochgesang—Klaus Eckstein, his wife Birgit Eckstein, & their son Luca Eckstein & Sarah Eckstein (unrelated); Bill & Betty Kleinhelter—Berthold König, his wife Rosa König, and their son Raphael König; Bernie & Diane Knies—Manfred Rothfuss; Larry, Tammy, Sara & Hannah Mehringer—Fridolin Huber & his daughter Veronika Huber; and Bob and Cheryl Schnell—Sabine Lampert.  Teresa Hopf also volunteered to host and will help with transportation and food.  Many thanks to all the host families.

Plans are in progress for Thursday and Friday daytime activities for our German visitors and their host families.  Our German visitors will be introduced on stage at the fest opening ceremony on Thursday evening and will ride on a float in the parade on Sunday afternoon.  They will be at the fest at other times as well. Six who are members of Wagshurst’s much larger brass band are scheduled to play at the 8:00 am Mass at St. Celestine Church on Sunday, July 1.  Bernhard Danner conducts the band and will also play. The other five who will be playing are: Luca Eckstein, Sarah Eckstein, Berthold König, Raphael König, and Werner Stueber. Thanks to Northeast Dubois High School for the use of their band instruments.

All plan to depart on Monday, July 2.  Fourteen will travel in rented vehicles to Chicago, via Indianapolis and Shipshewana; Fr. Boeglin plans to accompany this group, driving his own car. Five others will fly to Las Vegas, and one plans to fly to Los Angeles.