Learn more in the video below about the Celestine 175th history book documenting the history of the community from 1993 to 2018 along with the Beyond the Calendar perpetual calendar, photo book, and recipe book.

Copies of the Celestine 175th History book, the 1993 history book and the Beyond the Calendar book are available at the St. Celestine Parish Center.

Cost of the 175th history book is $25, cost of the 1993 history book is $15, and a bundle of both books is $35.

The Beyond the Calendar book has a collection of monthly snapshots taken at various Celestine locations, a nice collection of recipes submitted by people from the Celestine area, and a perpetual calendar for each month. It is for sale for $15.

These books also are available for purchase at Chocolate Bliss, Illusions, Hoosier Office Supply and the Dubois County Museum in Jasper.

The history and culture of Celestine Indiana has been documented in two new books created to celebrate Celestine’s 175th birthday in 2018.

These books make great gifts for those who hail from Celestine and neighboring areas. They document the history and culture of not only the Celestine community but also Dubois County at large as well as the development of the Catholic faith in the area by the German Heritage immigrants who settled the area.

These books make a great gift idea for that hard to buy someone in your life who appreciates the blessing that the community of Celestine Indiana has been for the past 175 years.

History Books

“Celestine, Indiana A History: 1993-2018” is 363 pages of information on Celestine, acting as a sequel to the 1993 published book “Celestine, Indiana: A Sesquicentennial History.” This 2018 book continues where Father John Boeglin left off when he wrote the 1993 book.

The history book committee for 2018 tried to cover stories that happened in the past 25 years and more. The table of contents lists 18 parts to the book, from Our Community with Township Trustees; current landowners; Celestine Community Club and Celestine Park history information; significant events, such as local fires, Celestine damaged by tornado and the Avian flu outbreak; to our humbled dead; to histories of farms 100 years and older; to special interviews with the community’s elders age 80 and older; to faith journey and the forming of St. Isidore Church.

Members of the history book committee are Clara (Rasche) Fromme, editor; Denise (Vollmer) Buechler; Margaret (Goebel) Buechler; Jenny (Etienne) Betz; Betty (Fetter) Kleinhelter; Kathy (Schnell) Knust; Carol (Oeding) Dekemper; Julia (Jochem) Hurst; Ruth (Schnell) Gehlhausen; Dorothy Rasche; Sharon (Turich) Johnson; Mary (Beckman) Lampert; Kathy (Brosmer) Bachman; Anna (Breitweiser) Knebel; Emily Fromme; Jill (Hoffman) Kelly; and Joel Johnson.

Beyond The Calendar

Thanks to Kathy Messmer and Girl Scout Teen Troop 60, the community is blessed to have “Beyond the Calendar: Celestine 175,” which captures present-day life in Celestine. Elaina Epple, Courtney Vittitow and Emilee Clark spent hours creating this book by organizing photos and recipes. Their months-long efforts signify their vision of the year 2018. The spiral-bound paperback book is comprised of three elements: photos, a monthly perpetual calendar and recipes.

Photos: Nearly 20 photographers, most of them amateurs, submitted photos for the book. The photos were all taken in and around Celestine, and they typify each month of the year. For example, lots of snow pictures, dormant fields and the bareness of winter dominate the months of January and February. March and April bring flowers, waterfalls and rainbows. May and June feature First Communion, Memorial Day, and green trees and blue skies. Back-to-school days, the firemen’s tractor pull and colorful sunsets over farms enlighten July and August days. September, October and November feature fields being harvested and the colorful leaves of autumn. Christmas in Celestine is featured in December.

Monthly perpetual calendar: A double page spread holds dates for each month of the year. These lines provide spaces for recording birthdays and anniversaries of family members and friends. Since this calendar is “perpetual,” there is no need to rewrite dates onto a new calendar each year. Once the month’s special days are filled in, you can plan to leave the calendar open on your desk, kitchen counter or coffee table and never forget a birthday again.

Recipes: Celestine residents have submitted their favorites. Comfort foods and special family treats are highlighted. Among the contributors are Judy Betz, Holly Epple, Ann Hassfurther, Loretta Humbert, Mary Lampert, Aileen Lueken, Betty Merkley, Dorothy Rasche, Glenda Reckelhoff, Shirley Schmitt, Kay Schroeder, Therese Wessel and Ernie Wehr. This is a book you’ll want to display at your fingertips. Thanks to Girl Scouts Elaina, Courtney and Emilee, their mothers and their leader, Kathy, for a job well done.

“Beyond the Calendar: Celestine 175” - $15
“Celestine, Indiana A History: 1993-2018” - $15

“Celestine, Indiana: A Sesquicentennial History (1843-1993).” - $15
A bundle of both history books is available for $35

Books may be purchased at the St. Isidore Parish Office in Celestine The 2018 history books also are available at these locations. These books also are available for purchase at Chocolate Bliss, Illusions, Hoosier Office Supply and the Dubois County Museum in Jasper.