Special Celestine 175th USPS Postmark Available - In Celebration of Celestine’s 175th anniversary, the Celestine Post Office will offer a special commemorative postmark.   Any customers that would like to have their mail postmarked will be able to do so by taking the mail into the Celestine Post Office during the days of June 26th through June 30th 2018. Normal window hours for the Celestine Post Office are Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-11:00am. Please note only mail taken inside the post office will get the postmark, not items put in the outside blue dropbox. The Celestine Post Office location is 365 N Celestine Rd S Celestine, IN 47521 and you may reach them by phone at 812-634-1829.   This postmark will be free to use to be stamped on any item and will help in promoting the celebration! The post mark will contain the Celestine Church & Water Tower logo being used on most 175th materials. There will be a limited number of commemorative postcards and envelopes available at the 175th merchandise stand.