The Baby & Toddler Photo Contest will be held on Saturday, June 30th from 10am-6pm during the Celestine 175th celebration. We will be set up next to the kid zone. $1 per vote. Child with the most votes in each category will win the prize. We will announce the winners on the main stage around 6:15pm. Chairperson, Stacy Brosmer, will contact parent to hand out the prizes.


0-12 month- $50 gift certificate to Valerie Schmitt photography


1-2 year- $50 gift certificate to Bean to sprout


3-4 year- $50 gift certificate to Just a trace


Here is the lineup to share with friends and family!


1. Maverick Clark

2. Camille Hochgesang 

3. Leon Knies

4. Ava Neace

5. Hudson Hartwick

6. Von Prechtel

7. Evan Krampe

8. Claire Bieker

9. Kyle Hopf

10. Eleanor Seger

11. Maggie Beck

12. Kaiser Haase

13. Brynlee Mehne

14. Ethan Brown

15. Emma Brown

16. Paislee Vanhoosier

17. Shae Merkel

18. Hallie Knieriem

19. Harrison Betz

20. Wyatt Mehringer

21. Marshall Burris

22. Silas Schroering 

23. Caleb Paulin

24. Haley Bayer

25. Wes Bieker

26. Sam Brosmer


Thank you all for your participation and support! Hope to see you all there!

Baby Photo Contest.jpg