5K Winners.jpg

Below is the winners list from the Celestine 175 5K. Thanks to all of the runners and walkers who came out and participated. There were 170 who finished running/walking the 5K and 29 youth participated in the 1/4th-mile kids fun run!

Top 10 overall male 5k
1. Nick Waninger
2. Adam Gilbert
3. Dylan Bland
4. Luke Kersteins
5. Greg Fraze
6. Kade Vogler
7. Luke Schepers
8. Connor Schepers
9. Taylor Schepers
10.Tony Brinkman

Top 10 overall Female 5k
1. Rachel Reckelhoff
2. Jill Steiner
3. Jen Werner
4. Lora Gofus
5. Jenifer Schepers
6. Stacy Sickbert
7. Katie Weutz
8. Paige Wildman
9. Alicia Betz
10. Michelle Allen

Female Age Group Awards
age 0-14
1st Macy Betz
2nd Allie Werner

1st Shelby Livingston
2nd Hannah Schepers

1st Jenifer Schepers
2nd Rachel Hopf

1st Audrey Werner
2nd Michelle Garland

1st Denise Buechler
2nd Jamie Jahn

1st Candy Theile
2nd Lisa Gehlhausen

60 and Up
1st Chriss Colins
2nd Martha Wahl

Male Age Group Awards
1st Chase Wildman
2nd Adam Dooley

1st Trevor Buechler
2nd Alan Kersteins

1st Justin Kahle
2nd Clint Hopf

1st Donald Sermersheim
2nd Kyle Jahn

1st Tony Hasenour
2nd Brennan Schepers

1st Glen Schepers
2nd Phil Schroering

60 and Up
1st Kurt Voekel
2nd Kenny Schepers

Master Division
Male - Scott Fischer
Female - Jane Buschkoetter

Grand Master Division
Male - Donald Small
Female - Karen Mathias

Overall Walker
Male - Vince Collins
Female - Ashton Knies