Celestine Book TV Interview

Celestine History Book and Perpetual Calendar & Photo Book TV Interview


Watch WJTS TV 18 Jasper's recent interview with Clara Fromme and Kathy Bachman about the two newly published books celebrating Celestine's 175th. Clara and Kathy were part of a larger committee that created two publications that were released at the 175th.

The "new" Celestine: 2018,  the 175th History Book, is also available for $25. It gives the history of events and activities in the community over the past 25 years and serves as an addendum to the 150th History book, Celestine: 1993 (which is still available for $15 or a bundle of both books for $35).

Beyond the Calendar The 170 page perpetual calendar with photos of the Celestine area and events along with recipes is available for $15.

Both books make great gifts. The Celestine History books include a lot of the history and heritage of the Dubois County area.

Both books are available in the parish office during regular office hours. 812-634-1875 or by emailing stisidore@evdio.org to coordinate payment and pickup. You can also buy them at Chocolate Bliss, Illusions Day Spa, Hoosier Business Machines and at the Dubois County Museum.

Bill Potter sits down with local authors, Kathy Bachman and Clara Fromme, to discuss books on the history of Celestine, Indiana.

Celestine 175 Sunday Mass With German Musicians WJTS Video


WJTS Channel 18 was on hand to film the 8am Mass at St. Celestine Church and St. Isidore Parish on Sunday, July 1st. The Mass featured music from musicians Celestine's sister city of Wagshurst Germany. Fr. Eugene Schmitt was the presiding priest and he was joined by former St. Celestine Pastor Fr. John Boeglin who gave a number of remarks about our sister city relationship. You can watch their coverage on YouTube

18 WJTS presents Celestine's 175th Celebration Special Mass

Celestine 175 Parade WJTS Video

WJTS Channel 18 was on hand to film the Celestine 175th parade on Sunday, July 1st. You can watch their coverage on YouTube


18 WJTS Presents the Celestine's 175th Parade.

September Streetfest Meeting


The next Celestine Streetfest meeting will be on Thursday, September 6 at 7pm in the basement of The Happy Hour Sports Bar & Grill. Planning will continue for the 2019 Streetfest - Saturday June 29, 2019 on the grounds of St. Celestine Church. We will be discussing a tentative schedule and entertainment options. The 175th leadership team will also be presenting a few more updates from the 175th Celebration. 

The fest is in need of a new Sponsorship Chairperson. Joyce Hulsman has elected to step down after years of outstanding service. The role is a perfect one for someone who likes to work behind the scenes in the winter time. Joyce is willing to share her wisdom and experience with the new chairperson. If interested in learning more please contact Tony Buechler 812.827.8430

We are looking for ideas for some new events to put on the fest schedule. In particular we would like some ideas for events/activities for youth from ages 10 through 20. We also would like to come up with some games and friendly competitions that youth and adults could participate in either under the tents or in front of the stage. Please contact Tony with your ideas.

Community Of Celestine Parade Float Volunteer Needed

Parade Float.jpg

Now that the 175th celebration has come and gone, the Community of Celestine Inc. is looking for anyone who may want to take over the award-winning Celestine 175 float. It would be wonderful if someone would form a new committee, store the float and exhibit it at parades such as Strassenfest and the annual Streetfest to keep the fun going and Celestine top of mind. If no one comes forward by July 30th, the float will be disassembled for parts. If interested or for more information, please contact Kelly Bieker at (812) 639-7630.

Float IMG_20160624_183843.jpg
Float IMG_3565.JPG

Next Celestine 175 / Streetfest Meeting Thurs. Aug 9th 7PM

Aug 9th 2018 Meeting.jpg

The next Celestine 175 / Celestine Streetfest meeting will be Thursday, August 9th at 7pm in the Happy Hour basement. Food will be provided in celebration of our excellent fest! Chairpersons will be giving reports/notes on their portion of the 175th and a small portion of the meeting will begin the planning of Celestine Streetfest 2019 to be held on Saturday, June 29th, 2019 on the grounds of St. Celestine Church.

Celestine 175 Quilt Winners

Quilt Winners.jpg

A special thank you to those who donated quilts, purchased tickets & bought quilts, worked in the quilt stand Friday and Saturday evening.

Congratulations to all the winners of these beautiful quilts! 
SPECIAL QUILT WINNER: Bernice Knies, Jasper
Quilt donated by Shirley Schmitt, Kathy Vogler, Doris Jacob, Pat Recker, Rita Schepers, Ramona Buechler, Connie Thewes, Marilyn Thewes, Stacy McCracken, Janell Pfau, Alysa Seger, Ashley Seger, Valerie Schmitt, Kristy Buechler

1. Quilt donated by Aileen & Ray Lueken Family – Memory of Bryan Lueken
Winner: Rita Hunter, Jasper
2. Quilt donated by Francis & Virgil Knies - Memory of Clara Schulz & Kurt Knies
Winner: Paul Burkhart, Celestine
3. Quilt donated by St. Anne Sodality
Winner: Kim Kerstiens, Celestine
4. Quilt donated by George & Charlene Knies & Fred & Therese Wessel
In memory of Henry & Alma Knies
Winner: Charlene Knies
5. Quilt donated by Patty, Chris, Adam, Phil Burke – Memory of Herb Burke
Winner: Rita Wagner, Huntingburg
6. Quilt donated by Dorothy Merter family
Winner: Stan Verkamp, Jasper
7. Quilt donated by the family of Chad Knies – Memory of Chad Knies
Winner: Martha Goepfrich, Celestine
8. Quilt donated by Gerald & Pat Hasenour & family -Memory of Frank & Olivia Hasenour
Winner: Adam Schnell, Celestine


9. Quilt donated by Marie Beckman, Sandy Beckman, Elaine Betz, Helen Beyke, Melinda Beyke, Clara Fromme, Karen Quinn, Dorothy Rasche, Pat Schroeder, Margaret Sander, Angie Sander, Cathy Schroering, Judy Schroering
Winner: Denise Heeke, Celestine
10. Quilt donated by Eugenia Rahman family, Carol & Paul Knies family, Jack & Francis Goodman family, Linus Tretter family, Alan & Dana Hoffman family
Memory of Living & Deceased Leo & Veronica Hoffman family
Winner: Randy Thewes, Celestine
11. Quilt donated by Linda Partenheimer, Sharon Donnerman, Donna Betz, Margaret Buechler, Marcia Helming, Vera Eckert, Norman Lorey, Karen Scherzinger, Denise Buechler, Jan Eckert, Doris Meyer, Mary Nordhoff, Robyn Nordhoff, Connie Schepers, Angie Neff, Donna Verkamp
Winner: Joe Hochgesang, Carmel
12. Quilted donated by the Sally & Joe Brosmer family- Each family member has quilted a portion of the quilt. Brandan & Tandra Brosmer, Scott & Lori Brosmer, Adam & Stacy Brosmer, Nick Brosmer
Winner: Paige Leonard, Celestine
13. Quilt donated by Veronica Heldman, Germaine & Leo Blessinger, Carolyn & David Schipp, Kathleen & Jerry Wibbler, Patricia & Charles Fleck, Gregory & Beth Heldman, Kevin & Marilyn Heldman, Sherril & Gregory Lueken – Memory of Barnabas Heldman
Winner: Lindsey Schmelz, Corydon
14. Quilt donated by Nancy Merkel, Jon Merkel, Karla Huebner, Christina Howard, Alison Brandt, Mary Ann Jarboe – Memory of Bernard Isadore Merkel
Winner: Lisa Slavens, Indianapolis
15. Quilt donated by Doris, Rhonda, Denise, Mike, Lisa Hohler
Quilt was purchased


Celestine 175 5k Winners

5K Winners.jpg

Below is the winners list from the Celestine 175 5K. Thanks to all of the runners and walkers who came out and participated. There were 170 who finished running/walking the 5K and 29 youth participated in the 1/4th-mile kids fun run!

Top 10 overall male 5k
1. Nick Waninger
2. Adam Gilbert
3. Dylan Bland
4. Luke Kersteins
5. Greg Fraze
6. Kade Vogler
7. Luke Schepers
8. Connor Schepers
9. Taylor Schepers
10.Tony Brinkman

Top 10 overall Female 5k
1. Rachel Reckelhoff
2. Jill Steiner
3. Jen Werner
4. Lora Gofus
5. Jenifer Schepers
6. Stacy Sickbert
7. Katie Weutz
8. Paige Wildman
9. Alicia Betz
10. Michelle Allen

Female Age Group Awards
age 0-14
1st Macy Betz
2nd Allie Werner

1st Shelby Livingston
2nd Hannah Schepers

1st Jenifer Schepers
2nd Rachel Hopf

1st Audrey Werner
2nd Michelle Garland

1st Denise Buechler
2nd Jamie Jahn

1st Candy Theile
2nd Lisa Gehlhausen

60 and Up
1st Chriss Colins
2nd Martha Wahl

Male Age Group Awards
1st Chase Wildman
2nd Adam Dooley

1st Trevor Buechler
2nd Alan Kersteins

1st Justin Kahle
2nd Clint Hopf

1st Donald Sermersheim
2nd Kyle Jahn

1st Tony Hasenour
2nd Brennan Schepers

1st Glen Schepers
2nd Phil Schroering

60 and Up
1st Kurt Voekel
2nd Kenny Schepers

Master Division
Male - Scott Fischer
Female - Jane Buschkoetter

Grand Master Division
Male - Donald Small
Female - Karen Mathias

Overall Walker
Male - Vince Collins
Female - Ashton Knies

Sunday Parade Award Winners

Parade Winners.jpg

Here is a list of the winners for our Sunday parade. Thanks to the 110+ floats who participated and celebrated Celestine's 175th birthday with us

Best Float
1st Place - Hasenour Farms
2nd Place - Celestine Vol. Fire Dept Extraction Unit
3rd Place - Schnellville Conservation Club

Best Emergency Vehicle
1st Place - St. Anthony VFD 1967 Chevy Truck
2nd Place - Lynn Krodel 1954 Jeep Fire Truck
3rd Place - Celestine VFD 1979 Chevy Brush Truck

Best Hometown Float
1st Place - Community of Celestine
2nd Place - Beckman Construction LLC
3rd Place - Hopf Contracting

Best Cars and Trucks
1st Place - Community of Celestine Longest Married Couple Mary & Leonard Heeke
2nd Place - Sheepherder of St. James, Haubstadt - Fr. John Boeglin
3rd Place - Hulsman Electric

Best Antique
1st Place - Murl Schwartz 1948 Fl Ford Rat Rod
2nd Place - Ken Jacob 1931 Chevy Coupe
3rd Place - Ryan Stemle "Old Blue" Chevy Truck

Best Tractors
1st Place - Knies Brothers Farms
2nd Place - Thewes Farms 1967 150 Massey-Ferguson
3rd Place - Kelby Sander 1935 John Deere A

Best Walking
1st Place - Miniature Horses & Friends
2nd Place - Good Shepherd of the Hills K of C Walking US Flag
3rd Place - NE Dubois Marching Jeeps

Brothers Of The Brush Contest Winners

BOTB Winners.jpg

Thanks to the 130 entrants in the Brothers of the Brush contest. It was a ton of fun and helped get a lot of attention for the Celestine 175. We had judging on Sunday at the closing ceremonies and the winners are listed below. Immediately after several barbers and beauticians offered their services to clean up the faces of Celestine! Many took advantage!

Grant Knies - Best Looking

Derek Schmitt - Bushiest 

Ryan Pfau - Longest 

Blake Schroering - Ugliest 

Robert Hasenour - Most Unique